3 Versions

ECO – Simple & Reliable

2 Diesel engines from 80 to 140hp. Diesel engine is mostly used on power catamarans with proven reliability. Possibility to combine both electric and diesel engine on Smart Hybrid solution.

eSolar – 100% Green

A complete system with 2 electric engines, strong solar panel area at 13kW and a 90kWh lithium battery park. It is clear you will need Diesel DC 48V generator to be realistic with cruising.

Foil – Pass the 30kts limit

This version is today based on Diesel engines but soon we will propose Electric solutions. You may request your target speed and therefore size engines.

Only 13T light Displacement …

The key point with Power catamaran and especially electric configuration is Weight. With 13T light and 16T ready to cruise with many options, you clearly have one of the lightest 63ft Power Catamaran. We need very few kW energy to achieve -30% of hull speed (13.5kt). Cruising 9kts with 1L/Mile coming either from Diesel to propeller or Diesel to DC generator is already achieved.

Compared with 30T light displacement catamarans you need 35% to 80% less energy (kW) for same speed.

Use Solar to Power …

Solar version has electric engine(s) and massively use Solar panels to load Lithium park energy. This energy is stored to be used when needed. As real, if you intend to use ONLY SOLAR energy to power the Class 6 without using lithium park ; you need to target max 6.5kts with beautiful sunny day from 11h AM to 3h PM. Then you will use lithium park energy or Diesel DC 48V generator.

Use Kite to Power …

You have many Kite solutions to chose from. They can be super easy to launch/get back such as LibertyKite. You expect 5kts speed with 20kts wind with the small 20m2 kite. A 40m2 kite will be tested soon. Other brand and solutions are available but expensive and more complexe … to be tested.
View video Class 6 with Kite

Flybridge option

Class 6 Power is configured with optional Flybridge.
That is a custom area with different layout solutions.
Final design upon your requirements.

Power catamarans

Foil versions

Class 6 Power Foil is made to go really fast (over 30kts) . Two options : First one with normal Diesel engines and conventional shafts. The purpose is to give lift with foils and save fuel. Second one with electric engines and special foils stern to completely FLY and pass the 30kts. 




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