100% "Green" 3.0 Cruising

With the exclusive central Wave Piercing hull, Class 6 Power is best candidate to offer security and comfort on Power catamarans, ready for long passage (Trans Pacific for eSolar and Eco versions).
With a record breaking 14T displacement for a 63ft, you are on the edge for efficiency. Very few energy is needed to move your Class 6 Power eSolar fast. 
With a 44m2 platform on bridge deck, this is an appartement with sea view, ready for you to customize with our Interior designer partner.


Class 6 came from collaboration between Dan LEVY & Laurent BOURGNON. We wanted to offer best catamaran platform for those who want efficiency, perfect sea motion for long passage making and … Fuel/Energy efficiency.
With 63ft you feel secured in any sea conditions – the high bridge deck clearance / freeboard give a real feeling of security.
Think Green … all Power catamarans can be setup with electric engines about 20kg to move 6kts. Of course you can install bigger engines to move faster.


@ Class 6 Power eSolar

Spine Concept

Exclusive on Class 6 with a longitudinal beam 100% Carbon.
The Wave Piercing device design make Class 6 Power unique !
Enhanced Security :
  • More buoyancy to keep front bow up.
Enhanced Comfort : 
  • Reduced impact from heavy sea waves.

Weight is #1 factor for long distance

Class 6 is 15T light and 20T full displacement. Competition is usually 100% heavier ; will find easily 30T displacement light. Class 6 eSolar use about 50% less energy than competition. Therefore all equipment is lighter, cheaper and easier to maintain.
Spreadsheet gives numbers for kWh needed on different cruising speed with different weight.


From solar to power

Class 6 Power eSolar offers 14kWh (or 17kWh option) solar panels. Sun energy is stored in lithium a 90kWh battery park (more storage if you need more performance and/or comfort). Of course a 48V Diesel DC generator is needed to complement for long distance or cloudy days.
Each day you can target 4 times the solar panel capacity. Therefore 56 to 68kWh per day ready to be used when you need it for electric engines or comfort via 24V or 220V inverters.
With 14kWh solar park you can achieve 60 miles a day at 5.5Kts, 25 miles at 7.5kts. This is perfect to go from bay to bay without using diesel.
@ Class 6 Power eSolar


Class 6 Power eSolar offers flybridge as option, this will directly impact solar panels capacities.
Image on the right shows a conservative flybridge to keep solar panel area efficient.
@ Class 6 Power eSolar

Lithium park

This is certainly the area where technology move very fast. Each year, more efficiency, better reliability, less weight. With 90kWh as standard you have a conservative system ready to store over a day of Solar Panel production. We always first listen to your program and then size the lithium park to match your project.
@ Class 6 Power eSolar

DC Generator

Different models are available with 48V DC generation. This energy is then stored to lithium park for electric engine of comfort. Those DC generators are optimized to produce best power with the minimum of fuel. That means you burn diesel but you burn it in an optimized way. They are much quieter than Diesel engines from propulsion, they are mounted on silent blocks and surrounded with cocoon to keep noise very low.
@ Class 6 Power eSolar


We have today lots of solutions for electric engines (shaft / sail drive / pod…). On the picture right we present RIM electric engine from BlueNav that is an excellent choice as you will rotate engine 360° for easy docking. We also present ServoProp from OceanVolt and DriveMaster from BellMarine t. On 48V engines we today propose systems from 20 to 50kw, with possibility to double engines on each hull (Not recommended as you do not really move faster compared to the energy needed to feed engine). Energy consuming is a real exponential line.


We decided to freeze engines at 48V for pleasure Class 6 Power. We only pass this limit on Duty catamarans with professional crew. Obvious reasons : 
  • Non lethal. No danger, you can touch any part with no risk to die from electrocution.
  • Easy maintenance. 48V systems requires no special knowledge or certification. 
@ Class 6 Power eSolar


Pure pleasure to navigate with silence. This is also excellent for security in case of engine failure. 2 kitesail models. We tested small 20m2 version with 20kts wind to achieve 5kts. Now a 40m2 model is available (to be tested). 
Access to Youtube video 

Appartement with sea view

With 44m2 on bridge deck, that is a huge space ready for custom design :
  • Fowrward cockpit
  • Saloon / Kitchen / Chart table
  • Cockpit
Below are 2 examples for cabins and bridge deck configuration.

Endless layouts

Feel free to express yourself
We build the interior and layout of your choice after the hull and deck have been infused. Owner, family and friends will feel like home with an interior that reflects your style.
Perfect finish
We use skilled sub contractors to supply quality leather sewing (car industry), hand made anodized aluminium, talented carpenters … All panels and furnitures are made with unique O Yachts «savoir faire» to keep weight down


“Custom” design

O Yachts create all catamarans upon the desirs of owner. Each catamaran is unique, once we are finished with composite made perfect from female molds, ALL IS CUSTOM. The process with owner is simple based on 3 steps :  
  • Step 1 : We listen to owner on his desirs, we give advice and explain a lot what is behind each choice / decision. Then O. Yachts creates 2D sketches plans.
  • Step 2 : Meeting with our Interior Design (from Finland) who is not only talented designer but also experimented sailor.  From discussions Interior Designer will create 3D model to give Realistic Renders Pictures of the future vessel. Owner can almost touch design, ambiance, mateirals, colors…
  • Step 3 : O Yachts produces 2D executions plans from 3D for CNC cut.

Living area

On average cruising boat spend 90% of their time at anchor
Thanks to the Spine Concept and the centered mast, we can exploit the area forward of the mast to create a large living space with a dining area, a chart table or a sofa lounge. We can even raise the floor in part of all of the interior cockpit to offer you unobstructed views to the sea. Your imagination is the limit. The huge volumes offered on the main deck gives you ample space to create large and separate areas for your galley, chart table, dining and lounging areas


Unrivaled space in its category . So many options for cockpit :
  • Table any size
  • Lage bench with lockers
  • BBQ & Sink
  • Stairs to steering… .

Forward cockpit

Design your own Options
  • Seats
  • Bench with lockers + seats
  • Table
  • Stairs to steering… .

Long transom for Safe boarding

Your private dock. Easy boarding from your tender to your catamaran thanks to our extra long transom that acts as a dock.

Light carbon aluminium platform

Enjoy this option. Simple and great at anchor. Prevent your tender from swinging at sea and fun at anchor. Available for lightweight tenders only.


Made in Quality

With 13.5T to 15T light displacement, Class 6 is one of the lightest in the world for its category. Weight is key to offer pleasure and security at sea.
CARBON Structure : with O Yachts quality is not an option, structure is always carbon.
  • Spine (32 layers of carbon!)
  • Bulkheads
KEVLAR Shield : Hulls are also Kevlar shield reinforced from center to bow, 8 inchs over the waterline.
Hand Lamination : All non structural panels (floors, sofa, kitchen, stairs, cabinets…) are made from infused panels, then connected to structure via hand lamination. This are hundred of labor, but this will make your Class 6 solid as a rock.
Below a Class 6 with 100% carbon hull option. Weight is key to offer more comfort & performances.
Quality is not an option. Class 6 are always 100% carbon structure.



Carbon + Glass + Kevlar
Disp. Light
From  2 x 40kW to 4 x 50kW
11 to 16 Kts
1000L to 2000L


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