@UK Class 4

The feeling of sailing back again In any circumstance

Sailing on Class 4 is above all , to get the spirit of cruising back again. Pleasure to go from bay to bay faster than wind with light conditions (7kts speed with 5kts real wind) or make long passages, in safety with amazing performances (300 miles / day) … without efforts.
Own a Class 4 that really match you style, chose all options in details : interior design, rigging, steering, engines,… O Yachts is master in semi custom yachts, from best technical practice composite building, on female molds. Depending your directions and options, Class 4 can target podium in racing, as well as offering easy sailing for cruisers.
Clic on below link to configure your Class 4. You will realize we are also competitive with pricing.
@UK Class 4

Spacious living area

Saloon : always custom depending your preferences. We raise about 8inchs sofa area to offer perfect sea view when seated.
Chart table  : large and spacious to enjoy planing navigations.
Kitchen : really made for those who love cooking with large cabinets, 2 deep bin, … and large opened windows to communicate with cockpit.
Cockpit : you really take advantage of a large, deep cockpit to setup your way. You can easily have 10 people seating at table if you want … you will still have place to move.


3 or 4 cabins

4 is classic and mostly adopted by cruisers.
3 Cabins with either central or forward head.
Real Wood finish (0,8mm)
Modern and easy to maintain
Forward cabin with Gelcoat finish.


Custom Saloon area

Your design for style.
Some of you like a warm real wood finish, alcantara ceiling …
… when other like easy to maintain Gelcoat finish.


Very design with a large shower area.

Cockpit area

New cockpit deeper than number 1 Class 4. You offer XXL space for guests and family. Feel free to design it your way : seating, benchs, table … Below is an example with classic cockpit and table for 8 guests.
Cockpit classique
Fixe table for 8. Large opening windows to communicate with kitchen.
Large sunbed on left side.


Cockpit with steering wheel

Bimini protection

We always cut the bimini upon your desire. Usually Class 4 owner cruise in the Tropic and therefore ask for maximum sun protection.
XL bimini for XL protection.
Very short bimini for racers with perfect view on sail area.


Custom steering

Your decision to steer your Class 4 and chose your seating area. Some of you like a classic starboard wheel on deck, with either 1 people seat or 2 people bench.
When other sailors prefer a more exotic solution with central raised steering wheel. We also offer manual steering with carbon tillers or combination wheel/tillers.
@UK Class 4
@UK Class 4


Exclusive Aft Platform

Unique aft platform on Class 4. We link aft with a large 40 inchs platform. Perfect to manage your Class 4 without stepping on guests, protected under the bimini in cockpit area.
Check the curved davits on bottom to perfectly fix tender for long passages. 


Sail plan

This is the engine of Class 4.
3 options to chose from.
  • Cruising : 57.5ft aluminum
  • Performance : 59ft Carbon
  • Race : 63.6ft Carbon
@UK Class 4
On forward beam we propose a self tacking jib lightly in the back. With light wind, you will prefer to use the Drifter (large genoa) that is tacked inside shrouds. This is an amazing sail to go upwind. Gennaker and Code0 are setup at the very end of this carbon bow-pole.



3 options :
  • 100% Diesel : 2 Yanmar 30hp on saildrive.
  • Smart Hybrid : 1 Yanmar 30hp on saildrive + 1 electric engine (10 or 15kW).
  • 100% Electric: 2 electric engine 10 to 15kW. We recommend to install a Diesel 48V generator for safety.
Below is the solution wiht Yanmar 30hp engine.
@UK Class 4
Max speed 10kts, cruising on one engine 7kts.
Electric solutions
Two Class 4 sister ships are configured with electric Ocean Volt engines 10kW. Results are 6kts with 6kW in perfect sea conditions. That is achieved using only one engine. With bad sea you will double consuming and you will use both engines.
@UK Class 4
OceanVolt with special ServoProp solution optimize project for regeneration. The self pitch propeller is also 10 to 15% more efficient when motoring
@UK Class 4
For those looking more advanced system we also propose retractable pod with RIM engines that rotates 360°. Solution from BlueNav.


Quality composit

With 7.2T ligh displacement, Class 4 is one of the lightest sailing catamaran with CE. Weight is the Graal to offer a real sailing machine, ready to offer pleasure in light wind or gales.
At O Yachts, quality is not an option. As standard we offer Carbon structure : 
  • Front beam
  • Bow pole
  • Mast pilar
  • Mast beam
We also add Kevlar shield (center to peak / 8inch over water line.
Forward beam / Bow Pole Carbon 100%
Erik LEROUGE is one of the very few to ask for complete carbon beam connection between hulls and link to platform on center. Forward beam is not just a bolted 7 inchs tube as most catamaran, you have 28 Layers of carbon linking 4 hull side. Then an other 28 layers of carbon from bow pole to platform on trampoline center. This are dozen of hours for hand job.
Complete hand lamination on infused panels
All panels non structural become structural with this method (sofa, stairs, floors, kitchen, cabinets… We first build panel on infusion table then we hand laminate and fairing/sanding all parts to make your Class 4 solid as a rock.


@UK Class 4
Forward beam  / Bow pole 100% Carbon


Bare hull delivery

You can finalize yourself a Class 4 to many steps of finish.


@UK Class 4



Carbon + Glass + Kevlar. / Vinylester + Epoxy
Displacement light/max
7,2T / 9,4T
43 inchs
Saling area upwind
105 à 126m2
57 to 64 ft
68 to 81m2
37 to 44m2
Drifter (genoa)
56 to 73m2
115 to 135m2
2 x 30hp Diesel / 2 x 10kW Electric
Structure 5 years
Denn Clifford
Naval Architect


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