Smart Hybrid Security with Diesel / Pleasure with Electric

How to use Diesel ?

With no diesel on board, this is possible on sail catamaran but not on Power catamaran. For OFFSHORE projects you need Diesel. CLEAR ! 
Then you decide what you do with Diesel engine : 

  • Diesel Engine connected to DC Generator
    Electric engines only proposal
  • Diesel engine connected to Propeller
    Smart Hybrid proposal

Smart Hybrid… Best of both worlds

  • 1 Diesel engine with propeller (+DC 48V Alternator 10/20kW option for Class 6)
  • 1 electric engine 20 or 40kW + Lithium park (28kW to 244kW) + Solar park 2kW to 14kW

Class 6 Power

Think security as factor #1 

You have so many yachts installed with Diesel that reliability is clear. You can easily cross Pacific with such engine and feel secure. With Electric engines, the engine itself is lifetime warranty and you should have 0 problem ; but power is coming from Lithium park with inverters etc… All this is electronic based with hard chipset programs. There is today not enough results with over 3 years without any problem reported on such configuration.

Lithium park 

48V Configuration for lithium park or not ?
Electric engines are setup with 48V systems that are very similar to todays 24V installations. This is not Lethal ; no risk for crew to touch any component in normal situation. If you are far away you should always find qualified marine electricity company to assist you. Whereas on 96V (or more) installations you need to find specialized High Voltage certified company … hard to find even in Europe ! Plus 96V and over installations could be lethal if you do not respect safety rules.

Solar park 

We always install large solar park area with 10 to 14kWh. This solar energy production can be used directly to power the catamaran in sunny day from 11h AM to 3h PM. Then you use lithium park. 


Max speed : 13.5kts

Cruising Electric : 7kts with 20kW or 9kt with 40kW

Cruising Diesel : 6,8kt @ 0,5L/Mile and 9kt @ 1L/Mile 

Cruising Solar Only : 6kt

Range : Over 3000 miles