Green Greenest catamaran is ...

A sail catamaran / electric engine…

To be sailing, you need a catamaran able to sail even with light wind : 

  • Faster than the wind : you will go about 6kts speed with 4kts wind
  • On Class 6 we report 6.3kts with 4.8kts wind. But better this is only with main and genoa … so imagine with a Code0 or Genaker !

Then to enter into protected area (more and more lagoons etc) you need a simple electric engine.

  • Please ask more informations about Class 4 sister ship full electric with no Diesel.

Yes but …

Please notice that for OFFSHORE projects (Sail or Solar Power) , we always install a Diesel engine for safety. You will have to decide between : 

  • Smart Hybride : you have the diesel engine as traditional engine with propeller. 
  • Full electric engine : you have the diesel engine connected to DC generator. Then power is driven to Lithium park, to be used when needed with electric engine.

A Power / Solar catamaran …

We offer  14kW Solar panels on Class 6 Power and big lithium park to store energy from 36kw to 320kW.
But to move with Solar only ; you need the lightest catamaran who needs few energy to use this kW. On solar only we can go about 6kts from 11h Am to 3Pm on perfect sunny day. They you will need to use energy from Lithium park.


A Power / Kite catamaran …

We like testing new technologies. A Kite make sens on a Power catamaran as this is Free/Green energy. 
Yes but
You must be able to manage it with no stress. Therefore we made tests with simple model easy to launch / get back. With the 20m2 you go 5kts with 20kts wind. We will soon make tests with 40m2 version. Those numbers are only achievable with a super light catamaran such as Class 6.