Class 4 Test by Multicoque Magazine.
Tested by Philippe ECHELLE

Go fast, go far … with pleasure

O Yachts Class 4 is a wonderful platform for anyone looking for a fast and easy to sail catamaran (short handed) ; able to achieve 250miles/day in comfort.

Class 4 is a fast yacht with a light displacement of 6700kg due to the quality of workmanship and top material/brands used. She will definitely shine in any race with a slim hull to guarantee exceptional upwind capability. Such performance is key for security and sea motion during long passages.

Most catamarans are sold during boat shows. But in a boat show … you do not face huge waves … you do not have to go upwind for hours … you do not have to go fast to move away from bad weather … and you do not feel bad due to an unbalanced catamaran. If you did, you would certainly go for an O Yachts proven model.

Strong as a rock

Where few boat builder propose Carbon reinforced structure as Option ; this is as standard on Class 4. You have carbon for : front beam and central beam, bowpole, mast pilar, pilar beam, aft beam. As standard we also include kevlar shield on hull.

More than material we also assemble by hand all composite panels that are not structural ; this way, they become structural after hand lamination. This are hundreds of labor hours. Sofa, kitchen, stairs, floor, bed, … You can not hear a single “crack” when you walk on the boat at night.

How fast ?

Fact : sister ship ENA raced on ARC 2014 ; she came #1 Multihull real time with maximum speed 27kts. Class 4 is a proven winner. Thanks to Erik LEROUGE naval architect for his hull design and structure optimization

After sailing over 4000 miles on Class 4, she will go upwind 25% faster than wind from 3 to 9kts real wind. That means you will be the only one not to turn on the engine when there is almost no wind.

Then when wind is about 10 to 15kts, you will be over 10kts. At 20/25kts, you will go driving for 14 to 19kts with reduced sails area in perfect comfort as Class 4 is perfectly balanced.

Once arrived at your destination, relax with…

O Yachts also provide a comfortable environment with:
. Comfortable aft platform 4.5m x 1.1m. Perfect for sunbathing at anchor

. Huge interior living area (from 4.5m by 3.15m) fully customizable

. Large beds (1.40m/1.60m x 2m) in both aft cabins

. Heating and A/C in cabins, as well as washing machine options

But remember that these options usually have an effect on Weight and Budget… so please be careful with options and to try and minimize as much as possible weight impac