63ft Power catamaran
Magic Number <1l / Mile

Electric for the planet & Diesel for long range

Sea proven solution : we launched this project with V Yacht in 2018. The objective was to built an innovative, spacious, fast and fuel-efficient motor catamaran. O Yachts supplied the bare hulls and the V Yacht project team outfitted the boat. We are very proud to contribute to this very innovative concept and research program.

Facts :  1L / Mile at 10kts

Most power catamaran offer top speeds of over 20kts ;  in real-world conditions, it is only possible to reach these speeds in rare perfect sea conditions or on lakes. Between crusing speeds (ie 13 knots) and top speed, the engine never runs on an optimized rpm mode ; efficiency is low and fuel consumption high.

The world is changing ! At O Yachts we think it is time to offer a fuel-efficient power catamaran, optimized for cruising speeds with very low fuel consumption. Class 6 has the fuel efficiency and range to comfortably achieve ocean passages with low CO2 impact. Once arrived at your destinationm, enjoy the electric propulsion mode for short trips.

The only way to produce a fuel-efficient platform is to start with the lightest catamaran and an optimized smart engine package.

Class 6 Power 11.5T ready to motor away – Proven !

Fuel consumption : 1l / Mile

8 tons payload

With a 8T payload, the yacht can be fully customised by the owners. The 44m2 cockpit/salon platform is an ideal space that can be configured to meet the client specifications.

Class 6 Power is ideal for the following applications :

Diving Support

Huge platform to offer style, comfort, efficiency. Note the large aft space area and tender lifting platform.


Welcome your clients with a stylish shuttle cruise from the airport. Interior design can be customised to match the hotel design and ambiance.


Within  a reasonable budget, you can purchase a large and beautiful catamaran, ready to cruise any ocean. You can customise and upgrade the yacht later as a charter model for example.

Work boat

One of our Class 6 boats has been used in the Mediterranean for 2 years for a scientific mission. Watch the video below

1 heavy duty diesel engine

Solution 1
Smart Diesel / Electric

1 Diesel 82hp 3300cc Low RMP efficiency on controllable pitch propeller XL size with our secret optimization pack. Wide engine room for easy maintenance by two engineers. Easy access to engine.  Long range over 3000 miles –  1L/Mile.
1 Electric pod 15Kw for silent cruising, harbour manoeuvres and diving support.

1 Electric engine
Solar / Electric Pod  + Generator option

Solution 2
Solar Electric power or Hybrid

As an alternative, the extra low weight of Class 6 makes it the best candidate for electric propulsion. 100% full electric with solar panel install combined with lithium battery bank for long range cruising.

For extended range requirements, we propose an hybrid configuration with an extra diesel generator. The crucial element in the success of the design is the low weight yacht ! Trying to compensate for a heavy hull is fighting against the tide and will result in engineering disaster that implement incrementally wrong solutions. We closely work with OceanVolt Finland but you may propose alternatives if proven reliable.


Length 63ft  /  19.12m
Length at waterline 62ft  /  18,96m
Beam 31ft  /  9,05m
Displacement Light 11.5T (including Engines Solution 1)
Payload 8 T
Headroom 2m
Water 800l to 1500l
Fuel 800l to 3500l
Warranty 5 years structure
3D Design Trofimchouk
Designer Denn Clifford
Naval Architect ST Yachts design
Concept Dan Levy / Laurent Bourgnon

Informations subject to change without prior notice

Solution 1 Smart Diesel Electric (patent pending)
Starboard 1 Electric engine 15kw

Lithium 19 kWh Battery Bank + Charger

Portside Solé Diesel 69 kW -60.3 kW – 81.9 CV
Performancce 13kts max / 10kts cruising 1l/Mile


Solution 2
OceanVolt Electric hybrid
Starboard 1 Electric engine 15kw
Portside 1 Electric engine 15kw
Generator Different solutions
Battery Lithium 19 kWh Battery Bank
Solar panel  Minimum 5000W

100% Carbon structure for hull and bulkheads. This is the best way to achieve both weight and rigidity. On image you have the Carbon hulll with Carbon bulkheads

Class 6 Power can be delivered as bare boat with minimum equipment to motor away to final destination (skipper cabin, wc/shower, kitchen, engines, minimal electricity,…)

Class 6 Power can also be delivered complete. Many layouts possible.

Innovative Spine Concept with Tank

The Spine Concept is not only a a wave piercing device for security and comfort in heavy seas. It can also turn into a 2800l fuel tank (extra capacity in hulls) which is perfectly centered to balance the catamaran.

Carbon tender lift platform

This is the ideal Class 6 option to enjoy mooring.

Video from V Yacht with Kite sail test. Class 6 Power has been extensively tested for 2 years with scientists on the Mediterranean Sea.