Forward cockpit

Forward cockpit is the best place to get fresh air sailing or mooring. This is also an excellent choice in crowded marina with visitors watching you in aft cockpit. In the forward cockpit you have much more privacy. We can also use this extra space for storage of very large items. We would them create a large bench with locker below.

Forward sails

Two stay sails. Genoa with light fabric and perfect angle for upwind as inside shrouds. Self tacking Solent with heavy fabric to continue.In lighter wind you can use the bowpole for Gennaker and Spi. For Racer you can install Spi on an optional bowsprint.

Wave Piercing

The exclusive Class 6 Spine Concept acts as wave piercing device for better comfort and safety in heavy seas. Extra buoyancy is pushing the front hull upwards. Waves are broken before impact and make the boat feel safer.


You can keep this area clear to optimize weight. But you can also use it as a Sunbed Area with specific mattress. We also can install a complete Lounge Area with seating and table.

Kevlar reinforcement shield

A Kevlar composite layer running from the back of the rudder box to the front crash box protects the hulls against impact with floating debris..

Single or Dual steering positions

Single or Dual steering positions. The steering configuration is fully customizable depending on your height and the type of navigation system you prefer. You can select one or two steering cockpits. The transmission is achieved via gearbox giving a fantastic wheel feedback and touch.touch.

Landing zone

The wide and high aft are makes tender manoeuvres safe and easy, even in heavy seas. It is also lovely resting spot at anchor.

Retractable rudders

The first two Class 6 were built with the retractable rudders option. This is a must for mooring near the beach in lagoons.

Mast perfect position

Thanks to the Spine Concept, the mast is positioned over the longitudinal carbon beam. Naval architects had the latitude to place the mast in the ideal location without having to worry about the saloon space. The mast is therefore almost centered. This is a marked difference over all traditional catamarans. The Main Sail will be smaller but the forward sail much bigger. This obviously makes a huge difference under sails. The rig controls are simple and natural with forward curlers. Class 6 number 2 was fitted with a hull hydraulic assistance for the owner to manage this 63ft on his own.


You have a choice between KEEL for those who want to land safely on a beach. For better upwind performances you have VERTICAL daggerboards, ASYMETRIC daggerboards for lifting effect, CURVE ASYMETRIC daggerboards to fly.

Racing hull pedigree

Even if we offer 44m2 living area on platform and 2m wide cabines, hull shape is clearly optimized for race. Thanks to ST Yachts naval architects who did the job using top software and the extensive America's Cup experience.

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Even if we offer 44m2 living area on platform and 2m wide cabines, hull shape is clearly optimized for race. Thanks to ST Yachts naval architects who did the job using top software and the extensive America's Cup experience.

Large flare

This Extra large flare offer huge space in cabins for over 2m bed installed transversal. It was key to combine fine hull design and spacious interior.

Spine Concept

Spine Concept is the SECRET to combine performance and confort. This is a third hull over the water that acts as a Wave Piercing device in heavy sea conditions. You have so many advantages.


Spine Concept is a "Wave Piercing" device as central hull to offer much more comfort in gales and lift the front hull from extra buoyancy


Mast is now perfectly positioned (more aft than traditional catamarans).  SPACE As we positioned the mast on a pilar and not on a transversal bulkhead, we offer huge space in the saloon/forward cockpit


Looking at the Class 6 you clearly understand this central hull is adding defacto rigidity with a central carbon beam


Compared with traditional catamarans, Class 6 has smaller main and larger front sails. That will change your life as you manage Class 6 alone with easy furling front sails (hydraulic or electric). Main Sail reduction will be later than usual and easy with furling boom so simple to roll.Spine Concept make it possible to install mast on the longitudinal beam to free space inside saloon. It is an extra buoyancy to lift nose up in gale. It creates a much stronger hull shell.


Class 6 is only 14.5T light displacement that makes it one the lightest catamaran in his category. You will easily understand that is the Graal for catamaran to get real performance.

Class 6 – 63ft

We propose 3 versions, Performance and Race are achieving exceptional  performances  with 20% over the wind speed in light air. The PERFORMANCE version is made to sail not only fast but Easy – without skipper or crew. The owner will ask  for assistance only when entering into harbor. RACE for those who want to win in multihull events, the main advantage is the possibility to fly on one hull. On the RACE version the main discussion will be on Daggerboards (curved or not) and sails maker – who will be appointed to create the magic !

Maxi version is offering a different HULL made to handle more payload to carry comfort options such as Lounge, large tender, extra fridges… The most important is to match the hull target displacement with the real weight of the catamaran. You will still have a much lighter catamaran compared with competition and the beauty of Class 6 design.

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Vinylester resin

Carbon reinforced +  Glass + Kevlar

Gelcoat finish

Mast designed upon program

Payload  8T


Vinylester resin

Carbon reinforced +  Glass + Kevlar

Gelcoat finish

Mast 23.6m

Payload  4.5T


Epoxy resin

100% Carbon Structure +  Kevlar

Paint finish

Mast 25m

Payload  4.5T