Designed to be safe. Our innovative Spine Concept combined with a wave piercing central hull makes the boat solid, rigid and safe.


Real world performance for owners who enjoy rapid cruising with style. Our racing boats inspired hulls are light, rigid and fast. Our huge sails are balanced, perfectly centered and easy to manage.


With 44m2 on platform, over 2.1m large hull and over 2.1m overall height ; Class 6 is above competition.


Class 6
CHARTER catamaran
RACER catamaran


Class 6
CHARTER catamaran
RACER catamaran


Class 6
CHARTER catamaran
RACER catamaran


So, you have decided that your next sailing yacht will be a catamaran ! Will you chose a spacious boat designed to be chartered or a fast and sleek performance machine ?

The good news is that Class 6 can offer you both ! With our unique design and it´s spine concept, it offers unmatched space, rigidity and performance.

Compare our open plateform area and none will match the 44m2 of Class 6 ; our cabins are only slightly narrower than a charter boat thanks to our flanged hulls. The wide openings between the forward cockpit, the salon and the aft deck create an impression of space and is ideal for an active family who need open space with several rest areas. Our class 6 offers extra storage space in the central spine for diving gear, supplies and toys.

Now, let’s compare the weight of Class 6 with other boats. None can match our figures of 14.4T for 63 feet. Upwind performance are also impressive, this is the only boat in its category to carry huge Genoa with 12% angle (sheets are inside shrouds on the top of the roof). Our main sail is 109m2 , the Genoa 105m2 , this gives a huge 214m2 upwind sail area. Unless you want to win a race ; you will not have to buy a Code Zero. You can deploy a Genaker and keep a huge light genoa for upwind with unmatched performances.

Downwind speed are also impressive : this is achieved by the position of the mast, ideally centered to offer more sail area for Genaker or Spinaker than any other catamaran with equivalent mast length.

For downwind speed, as you will notice our mast in more aft than any racing catamaran, therefore we will always offer more sail area for Genaker or Spi than any other catamaran if we compare with the same mast length. If you opt for a pure performance boat, we can supply a longer mast (standard is 24m) and a special race boom.

All this is achieved without compromising the safety of the yacht thanks to our unique Spine Concept .The design is intrically safe and incorporate structural carbon reinforced bulkheads and kevlar shields for hull impact areas.

Class 6 is definitely in a class of its own and offers performance, safety and space.


Class 6 is the only catamaran built with our  protected design SPINE CONCEPT. This third central structure acts as a wave piercing flying hull, making Class 6 a sort of hybrid between a classic catamaran and a racing trimaran. This arrangement increases the rigidity and safety of the boat. It also holds the anchor compartment and lifts the front of the yacht in heavy seas. The central beam gives the freedom to perfectly position the mast on this carbon spine while preserving living space. Catamarans designed to charter sacrify performance to create artificial space by moving the mast too far forward. Our Class 6 have a perfectly balanced rigging arrangement, and are safe, easy to handle and fast.

The aft position of the rotating mast have the following advantage :

  • Much longer usable living space forward of the mast (about 30% more than that of similar yachts).
  • Perfect view when seated in front of the mast.
  • Better 3D kinetic balance of the yacht in motion.
  • Smaller main sail but larger front sails.
  • Easy manoeuvres with reduced crew
  • Less effort on rig and hull
  • No heavy unnecessary structural reinforcement for off-center mast.
  • More confortable ride with optimum center of gravity


Our clients have complete freedom to customise their Class 6. Cabins layout, rigging and equipment can be selected from our options list or modified by the owners. Each Class 6 is therefore unique and distinctive.

Example N°1 : Class 6 was purchased by a naval architect and his wife involved in upholstery. They wanted a fast catamaran able to safely sail round the world with children. The engine room is fitted with a complete workshop to handle hydraulics, maintenance and repairs. His wife enjoys a huge sewing in the salon to work on sails and fabrics. Their Class 6 was delivered in mid-2018 and most of the interior was fitted in the south of France. The boat is equipped with a tender lift doubling as diving platform and water toy launcher.

Example N°2 : Class 6 was purchased by a couple enjoying an active retirement. They will take a round-the-world trip before reaching their secret paradise island. The owner is an active and healthy 70 year old gentleman who wanted to have full hydraulic assistance for boom, genaker, genoa and jib furling.  The main sail control is also assisted using two hydraulic ram inside the boom.