Class 6 Power

  Amazing 1L/Mile @ 9kts


Best catamaran for a Couple

It all started in 2011 when I (Dan) was talking with my friend Laurent BOURGNON (goto Wikipedia). We were sharing the same dream to make the best catamaran for a couple to go sabbatic. We both knew we had to offer huge space for living onboard to feel like home ; but in the same time we were totally against the Charter oriented catamarans who are a disaster when weather gets strong with huge waves to pass.
The SPINE CONCEPT came naturally as a key for security and to offer huge space.  Denn CLIFFORD who is not only my friend but much more, a talented designer with mutiple awards, joined the team. We now offer the best catamaran that a couple could manage without skipper.


44 m2 on wetdeck ready to customize.

You have same living area as the largest charter catamarans.

Class 6 Power is made for sabbatic onboard to feel like home with perfect sea view .

Spine Concept

Wave piercing device
Get ready for worst gales

  •  Reduced waves impact 
  •  Extra buoyancy keep “nose” up
  • Extra rigidity from design and 100% carbon

3 engines configuration


With 2 diesel Yanmar 80hp

Smart Hybrid

With 1 engine Big block 80/110hp
+ 1 Electric pod

Full Electric + Diesel Generator

With 2 electric pod
+ 1 diesel generator

Smart Hybrid

This was installed on Class 6 n°1, used for 2 years without mast. Scientists from Monaco cruised 365 days for 2 years in the Mediterranean sea ; using Class 6 Power as support vessel for boat drones. They passed gales in perfect conditions of safety.

Diesel 82hp 3300cc Low RMP efficiency on controllable pitch propeller XL size with our secret optimization pack. Wide engine room for easy maintenance by two engineers. Easy access to engine.  Long range over 3000 miles –  1L/Mile @ 9kts.
Electric pod 15Kw for silent cruising, harbour manoeuvres and diving support

Class 6 Power

Full electric + Diesel generator

As an alternative, the extra low weight of Class 6 makes it the best candidate for electric propulsion. 100% full electric with solar panel install combined with lithium battery bank for long range cruising.
For extended range requirements, we propose an hybrid configuration with an extra diesel generator. The crucial element in the success of the design is the low weight yacht ! Trying to compensate for a heavy hull is fighting against the tide and will result in engineering disaster that implement incrementally wrong solutions. We closely work with OceanVolt Finland but you may propose alternatives if proven reliable.
Class 6 Power
Class 6 Power
Carbon + Glass + Kevlar
Disp. light
800l to 2500l
Class 6 Power

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Class 6 Power
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Class 6 Power
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