– Made for distinctive ladies who love sailing


Ladies will feel safe on a Class 6, even while sailing fast in strong winds. The spine splits the waves before impact and give buyancy in the front to lift the nose up. On traditional catamarans,  huge waves will break onthe  plateform with incredible noise and water passing over the bimini. No such experience on a Class 6. The boat inherent speed generate inertia stability and comfort.


Our spacious and bright interior will make you feel at home. The large storage compartments allow you to keep the boat organised and tidy.


Customisation of living area: we can work with your favorite interior designer or create with you the perfect ambiance, including lights, fabrics and colour theme. Hulls are long enought for 1 or 2 cabins per hull with endless solutions for customisation.

From day one, Class 6 was designed to allow ladies to enjoy sailing. The yacht is easy to handle and manoeuvre due to its unique balance. It is safe, offers plenty of open space and can be fully customised at the owner´s taste. It can be fitted with a tender lift platform to make docking, anchoring and tender movements effortless, safe and easy. The lift cradle doubles up as a sea level swim platform, ideal for young children, diving instructions and water toys.


We are proud to offer a real living area to feel like home with 44m2 on platform. We build Class 6 using female molds with infusion process to get best quality finish and controlled weight. Then … once the composite assembled, we can totally customize the interior layout to meet your criteria. The space on platform will overpass your expectations and regarding cabins, we have setup for 1 to 3 cabins per hull.


We offer tons of material for real wood finish or veneers. You might not be aware but Latvia is mostly made of forest and carpentry is famous. Many prestigious european brands are manufacturing in Latvia furnitures and technical outlet. Then as most boat builder we supply all over Europe to get quality products from Italy, France, Germany, England, … As mentioned earlier you can make design with our 3D team but you can also appoint a specific interior designer to help you.


We always pay attention to visibility. You have perfect vision all around when seated. You will notice that many large catamarans are not offering complete vision outside for a women seated. This is like having an apartment in front of the sea without windows ! Regarding cabins you can verify the design we made for side windows and portholes, … once again perfect visibility and air ventilation.