The lightest 46ft with CE certificate – Ready for owner to customize


Built with quality PVC foam and vinylester resin.
Today as it is Class 4 N°3 is 5.2T for 46ft/14m ; with complete composite, 2 engines Yanmar 30hp, keels (carbon daggerboard as option), rudders and rudders system (planned for carbon manual tillers, so wheel as option), aft bed ready with 200L for fuel below on each side, hull floor and cabins entrance. Today plan for 3 cabins but possible change fof 4 cabins. If you are conservative with options, you will end with a 6.8T catamaran ready to sail away …. That is just the lightest 46ft/14m catamaran available today with CE certification. Please visit the Construction below for infusion building process.

As usual all struture is reinforced with carbon for :

. Carbon Front beam

. Carbon Mast beam

. Carbon Mast pilar

. Carbon Aft beam

We actually added extra carbon to carry extra long mast 20.2m long. That means about 86m2 for main and 80m2 for genoa this is really great number for 6.8T 46ft/14m catamaran ready to sail away.

Below are pictures of the building process with vinylester resin, quality foam a mix of Carbon, Kevlar, Glass process with infusion on female molds.