A perfect day on Class 6 Power

10h – The boat is leaving port with both motors engaged, the 20 Kwh battery pack is 50% charged so 10kWh remain available.

Free battery charge
from electric engine

When out at sea, the skipper stops the electric motor and navigates purely on diesel. At the same time he starts the hydro regeneration with the electric motor, which at 10 knots of boat speed will regenerate 4 Kw (from 48V alternator on diesel engine), and the battery pack is thereby fully recharged after 2 hours of running time

Midday – After 2 hours, with full batteries, the boat enters a protected area, so the skipper turns off the diesel motor, and continues only on electric into the beautiful lagoon.

With 15kWh (75%) battery capacity the chef on board can cook, run the air conditioning system aswell and the diving crew can recharge the diving tanks from the batteries, running the oversize inverter

No gaz onboard.
All powered with
20kw lithium

17h – End of the day, the boat still has a little electric capacity left, leaves the protected area on electric propulsion, later starts the diesel, and then after 3 hours of running time has the battery almost full again, not using any fuel yet for the optional generator