Why a light catamaran

Class 4 is only 7.5T!

Few fast cruising catamarans can pretend such a number. We could actualy go even lower but without some of the comfort of Voyager or Premium standards. You would need to contact us for a Start version with specific race options build and finish at shipyard or by yourself.

For safety

  • Weight is catamaran ennemy N°1. Light means fast catamaran to go away form bad weather.
  • With a light catamaran all efforts on the rigging/equipment are reduced.
  • To build a light catamaran you need to use the best process and material. O Yachts are proven strong.

For performances

  • You easily understand that a 7.5T cat with a 81m2 main sail will go faster than a 9T with 70m2.
  • The more you reduce the weight, the bigger the sail area why can put with the same equipment size.
  • Less pitching into waves means you will not be stopped at each wave

For comfort

  • Each time you pass a wave a heavy cat will deep into water much more than light catamran. This is like a rocking chair and you really do not want such a thing on the sea.
  • Weight position is critical for cat behaviour. You understand that we not only focus on weight, we also focus on weight centrage.
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