Safety is priority N°1

When it comes to designing a catamaran, you have to choose between performance, comfort, safety, budget, deisgn ... At O Yachts, priority is given to security.

Security against hull impact

As standard we put 2 Kevlar layers on the bottom of the hull from bow to keel/daggerboard. We think this is key factor for security. You may want to put more Kevlar but there is a weight impact you may want to avoid.

Security against unattented gale

In case of sudden wind increase, your security in engaged, you must be able to release the Main sale at once. This is why we always recommend a dedicated winch for the main with no block.

Security against bad weather forecast

Fast catamaran is the best answer to bad weather forecast. You will arrive faster to destination or you can move away from bad weather area.

Security against waves in cockpit

We understand that Charter catamarans are very different from Owner. Charter boat are heavy, they do not have the best center of gravity with flybrige ... and lately, they all come with no frame to prevent water to enter into the boat. Sliding door are flush from cockpit to saloon. We understand it makes traffic much easier in the boat at anchor (or in a boat show). But facing F7 or over with side waves, you might encounter a "bigger" wave with hundred of liter in cockpit. We are not sure that flush slidding door with drain under the cockpit will do the job ... you will not like water in your saloon... with electriciy near by. We do not trust a small drain to evacuate hundreds of liter. In that case, the 15cm frame to prevent water to come into your saloon is key. No argument about it ! This 15cm frame solution is the traditional way to meet CE regulation.

Upon requierement, we can provide flush cockpit. Until regulation stop us. You will anyway reduce you bridge deck clearance or raised all the boat center of gravity. Your choice.

Security against fire

We really encourge you to choose our FirePro(tm) option. This are very small bottle that will automaticaly spray a specific product to stop fire. They come in different size to put them in very small area. For instane in an electrical panel. Better, there is no damage on electrical elements (PC, ...) in case of spray.

Security from the structure

If you check our design you will realise we care more on security than marketing. For instance, a wide open window is very nice from cockpit to saloon. Problem is that efforts on roof are enormous. At O Yachts we put a frame between door entry and kitchen window, this is the best way to make structure much more reliable. This is also the best way to reduce weight.
Almost 100% of the boat is infused, this makes much better control of the resine used to garanty structure. As mentioned before, also use kevlar.

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