Long distance catamaran

O Yachts catamarans are made for long distance


The best way to go far, is to go fast! You will realise that O Yachts specifications are just exceptional, there is no doubt we will go faster than most catamaran around (much bigger as well). 200 / 250m per day is your target with good wind/sea conditions. You also need to achieve this easy as on long distance, you need to be relax to face unattended situation.
Remember that we build with safety as target, this makes your life much quieter in case of bad weather forecast.


We have solutions to make the catamaran simple, still very fast. You can for instance prefer keel to make it easy. You will go faster than most of the daggerboard around. As mentioned the only way to go fast is weight.
You can also use our selft tacking jib. All control is super easy, but you still have excellent control of the sail shape with adjustable track control.

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