So many advantages ...

. more living area for your saloon and kitchen
. better sea motion as we position mast aft without sacrifice to space
. extra rigidity from design and even more as we use 100% carbon
. extra buoyancy to lift “nose up” in heavy sea
. easy sailing with reduced main sail and large front sails on furlers


Much more Space for living as we offer a 44m2 area to customize on platform. This is an incredible performance as do not forget we are on a racing pedigree catamaran.. We even give a Forward Cockpit large enough to have dinner at 6 people or relax in beds.

Strong as a Rock

This extra central hull is pure carbon with 34 layers. You have an extra rigidity overall made from design

Better sea motion

Mast is perfectly positioned by naval architecte to balance the boat perfectly. Therefore you clearly notice Class 6 mast being in the center of boat (a little bit aft). Class 6 will move faster in light wind and will be much more confortable in gale.


In a strong gale with huge waves, the Spine Concept is giving extra buyancy to lift the nose up. Waves impact is also largely reduced with far forward wave piercing central hull. Front area is so protected you will hardly have waves passing over bimini as on traditional catamarans.

Easy sailing

The Spine concept make also sailing easier. You use mainly the front sails so easy to reduce. So you start with Asymetric, then you pass to large light genoa to go upwind, then you pass to self tacking jib … and only after you will take a reef on main sail.

Main sail is smaller than similar catamaran therefore reduction is also easy.

How does it works ?

We change the way we support mast load. On traditional catamaran you do it with Transversal bulkhead and Spine Concept works with Longitudinal beam.

On a traditional catamaran, the mast is seating on a TRANSVERSAL BULKHEAD-behind it is saloon. You understand therefore that Charter Oriented catamarans tend to push this bulkhead further in front to maximise living area in saloon. This is clearly a disaster in term of sea motion and performance. That explains fast catamarans tend to position mast more aft, just after the center of boat, but the living area is quite small.

Class 6 is clearly different, we position mast load on a LONGITUDINAL BEAM. You are now free to have saloon after the mast position. With 44m2 living area, Class 6 is a record breaking for space – but remember we have racing pedigree and mast is positioned exactly where it needs to be. The saloon area is perfectly balanced in center of boat