Real Performances

You have racing pedigree

Lowest weight with CE certificate

Class 6 is certainly the lightest catamaran in the 64ft category with CE certificate. Certification is adding extra weight for security.

Perfect hull design

Naval Architect were responsable for hull design below the flare. Multiple technics and software were used to optimize.

Huge sail area

Thanks to the Spine Concept with mast positioned in central position instead forward as competition. You mostly work with front sails easy to manage.

Fast by design

We designed Class 6 to be managed by a couple for sabatic. We do not want you to push the catamaran to the limits to sail fast. More than speed we want you to sail fast and “easy”. Navals architects have optimized hull and weight to have Class 6 going fast by nature. Then when you reach 20kts speed, you might decide this is enough for you and will start to reduce sail area and open the main sail. Class 6 is very light and do not need much sail area to move fast.

Performance = Security

The best way to get out of any bad weather is speed. Class 6 is able to achieve 300 miles with constant wind to get out of a depression. You clearly notice a slim hull made for racing with large flare 50cm over the waterline to offer comfort in hull cabins


Yes this is N°1 factor to achieve a racer. At 13.5T light displacement, we offer today the lightest 64ft catamaran with CE certificate. We only use best technic with infusion process to achieve Class 6.

Hull design

As you can see, hull is really slim to offer amazing performances. Thanks to naval architect Douglas Schickler and David Tagliapietra from SD Yachts design, they did an amazing job on hull design and composite structure definition

Huge sail area

Once again, thanks to the Spine Concept to offer small Main sail (109m2) and strong forward sails (Code0 176m2, Genoa 105m2, Jib 56m2). We have 3 solutions for front sails. In the front, you have a Code0, CodeD, Genaker or Asymetric. The sail is stored in locker and you have a free stay to manage them. On the back you have the genoa on a structural cable, then behind the self tacking jib also structural.

As a RACER, pay attention to upwind performance we are the only one to carry huge Genoa with 12% angle (sheets are inside shrouds on roof top). Let’s calculate, you have : Main 109m2 + Genoa 105m2 = 214m2 upwind sail area. Unless you want to win a race ; you will not have to buy a Code 0. You will put a Genaker and keep a huge light genoa for upwind with unmatched performances. For downwind performances, as you will notice our mast in more aft than any racing catamaran, therefore we will always offer more sail area for Genaker or Spi than any other catamaran if we compare with the same mast length.

For pure Racer, we will change the mast 24m to longer mast. This will be addressed upon your program and target. Structure will also be adapted to the new mast efforts.

Yet easy to manage

Front sails are super easy to manage on furlers and even better with electric drums or hydraulic drums. Hydraulic is lighter and much faster when rolling Code0, CodeD, Genaker… The main sail will be the last to be managed and reefing is very easy as we have only 100sqm to roll down. Compare it with competition and you will be suprised to realize that charter oriented catamarans usually have a big main sail. They are so heavy they need lots of sail area to move

Carbon reinforced

Any serious catamaran sailor will state that weight is number 1 factor for speed. Carbon is standard on Class 6 where deemed necessary. Carbon is not only good to save weight, this is the best way to make the yacht strong as a rock. That is why we decided to offer a carbon structure to Class 6 owners.

Carbon mast pilar,

Carbon longitudinal beam (34 layers on center on Spine),

Carbon longitudinal roof and bimini reinforcement,

• 4 carbon reinforced bulkheads

Kevlar shield

On wet area and about 30cm above water line, we put Kevlar as first layer. This is today the best material against impact. Kevlar is maintaining glass and foam together in the best way.