The Class 6 platform is 44m2, that is a record breaking for a catamaran with racing pedigree. You are free to customize the way you want the 3 zones :

  1. Cockpit
  2. Saloon / Dinning table / Kitchen / Chart table
  3. Forward cockpit

As mentioned, O Yachts is only building custom that means once the composite done, the owner is deciding on layout and equipement.

Zone 1 For the table in the cockpit area, you are free to chose :

  • foldable or fix
  • on the aft beam or on the side

For the benchs you can chose :

  • traditional seating or large bed on one side with large lockers below

For commodities you can have nothing just benchs and table but you may want more :

  • bbq / plancha / sink / fishing gears …
Zone 2 This is the living area zone and she is really large to accommodate any style of living you want.

We can not list all the possibilities but one thing is sure :

  • You can play with the seating area, one for dinning and one for “champagne”
  • You will always have sea view even for a 1.5m high person seated !
  • Anyplace you are, you will have between 2m to 2.2m ceiling
Zone 3 The forward cockpit is an other place for you to get relaxed except if you want to change this into a huge locker as we did on Class 6 N°2. We think this can be a good place when you are :

  • Sailing and you want to panoramic sea view
  • In a lagoon and you want to have fresh air as boats will always point at wind at anchor
  • In a marina this is the perfect place to be without people on the dock seing you

Below is Class 6 N°2 layout made by Absolut Design France

Saloon with area for dinning and area for lounge. Kitchen with island. Cockpit with dinning area, bed area, plancha BBQ, sink, icemaker…

Below is an other example for cockpit. Table has moved on the side.

Below Zone 3 on Class 6 N°1. Owner create a very large sleeping area with a locker under. You may create a more traditional area with benchs and table.