SPACE is not only on the platform ; hulls offer a real feeling of volume. As you can notice, there is no compromise with performance, hulls are slim and almost vertical. Naval Architects were free to do the job to achieve performance, then O Yachts design team made a real enlarged flare to give volume. You can position the aft bed 2m long any way you want.

This feeling of space is even reinforced by the long side windows. On owner cabin we made a very custom design with very high vision area, as you can notice on the picture.

Front Peak

Your choice:

• Sail locker,
• Skipper cabin,
• Head for front cabin and locker after.

Front Cabin

Your choice:

• Bed centered,
• Bed 90° on the side

Aft Cabin

Your choice:

• Use it as a normal cabin same size as the front cabin,

• Use aft for 2 cabins (one with single beds),

• Create master cabin and one front cabin with outside entrance,

• Create master cabin all the hull size

Below is 3 cabins layout with a complete Owner hull

Below is setup for 4 cabins

Below is a charter setup with 6 cabins , including the 2 separate cabins for skipper and hostess

Below is setup with 4 cabines made for Class 6 N°2 customer. You have a large Owner cabin, 2 guest and one separate cabin for skipper. Arrangements made by Absolute Design France